Valentine’s Day is here and with many people showing their loved ones how much they mean to them, why not give your website a little love too. Check out the following tips to help your website remain in tip top shape.

Add High Quality Content

Unique content is part of Google’s core algorithm and is an important factor of every SEO strategy.Show your website some love by adding fresh content that you know search engines love so much. Firstly new content will keep your website interesting but the main benefit is that the more you update the site the more search engines will visit your site and fingers crossed improve your rankings.

For even bigger brownie points within your fresh content use your own images, stock images are great quality however they don’t showcase you or your work. Create authentic images of your business with your own branding to make your site feel more personal and remember to focus on quality not quantity.

Add Fresh Reviews

Does your website include case studies or reviews? If not why? Statistics show that 88% of consumers actually trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and that positive reviews make them trust a business even more.

Reviews are a great way to build trust to your brand however if you already have reviews on your site make sure they are fresh. Consumers won’t read old reviews and showing only old feedback on your site could make visitors believe that you are no longer in business and losing out on potential customers.

A simple way to contact your customers would be to send them an email with a link to make it quick and easy for them to leave a review. This is a great way of keeping in touch with your client base and improving your services while building your credibility at the same time.


Keep your site running smoothly and efficiently by updating your plugins, core and theme. Keeping your site up to date helps to provide security and bug fixes but also help towards a more user friendly experience for your visitors.

Neglecting to update WordPress means not only are taking a risk on being hacked, you may also be missing out on new features / improvements.

Keeping your website updated ensures that;

★ Your website is secure from the threat of hackers and malware

  • ★ Your data remains intact

  • ★ Your website remains functional

  • ★ Your website is faster

  • ★ Your website is bug free

  • ★ You get access to added features

  • Broken Link Checker

    Broken links refer the links on your website that directs or points your visitors to a URL that no longer exists. These dead links are annoying and reflect poorly on your online presence and brand.

    How do you feel when you click on a link and end up with “404 page not found” error? In general, you become annoyed with this kind of actions.

    Truly, Broken links are annoying and create the bad user experience. And the most important issue is, it’s bad for your website’s SEO.

    A wide variety of different tools are available which can scan your site for broken links however i personally use


    Have you ever scale or crop uploaded images in WordPress? Have you ever changed or added various media image sizes? If yes, the chances are that your libary is full of unused and unreferenced images. These image leftovers will remain cluttering your media library which can slow down your website and make media management difficult.

    Over time there are various ways that you may end up with unused and unreferenced images. Whether it’s outdated photos, text that is no longer relevant, or extra pages help to give your site some love and press delete.

    My personal favourite media library cleaner is This plugin will add all files not being used on your website (such as in posts, pages, or galleries) to a temporary trash bin. You can then look over the files to be sure you want to delete them, and make their removal permanent.

    Giving your website a little love and attention in this way will pay big dividends in attracting website visitors and converting them into clients.