Which is better .com, .org, or .co.uk for domain names?

Think of a website address. Any website address. Unless a government or nonprofit site came to mind, chances are, the domain extension is .com. In fact, 52% of all websites are .com extension domains.Especially if you’re going to be telling people what your website address is (as opposed to them finding you in search engine results), there are benefits to using the “default” domain extension .com simply for easy recall.

How do I choose between a .com, .org, or .net domain name?

The .org domain extension is most often associated with non-profit organizations. This means, if you choose this type of domain extension for your business, you may run into the issue of some visitors thinking you’re a non-profit organization.

These are a good option for tech companies since there is a subtle mental hook .net = internet or network. This is the second most popular extension and is widely accepted for businesses of all types.From the SEO end of things, .net is better than other extensions, but has lower google rankings weight than the matching .com and .org extensions.

Usually what we recommend is that if you are a UK business, and especially if you are a local business like a plumber, cleaning company, accountant, etc. that is operating in a local geographical area as opposed to an international business, then a .co.uk domain name is probably a more appropriate choice for you. It is telling your potential customers that you are a UK company basically. However if you want to be a global site for example an ecommerce website selling items online across multiple countries then the best option would be to choose a .com domain.

What your choice however if you want to take the .com domain name off the market to prevent someone else registering it then the solution is to register it & then set up what is called domain parking for the .com domain.

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