Moz has officially rolled out DA 2.0 this week, for all SEO experts who use the domain authority metric to calculate website rankings and position difficulty, you may now feel like you have been punched in the stomach as the DA you have tried long and hard to increase may have plummeted by possibly two digits.

What actually is Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority (DA) is a score which was developed first by Moz. This score determines the authority of a particular domain scoring it from 1 – 100.

The way to improve your DA score depends on over 40 different factors such as:

★ Social signals.
★ The number of root domains linking to the page.
★ The number of root domains linking to the page using partial match anchor text.
★ The number of subdomains that link to the page.
★ The number of quality websites linking to the page.
★ The number of external links a page has.

To summarise the higher the domain authority of a website, the higher its ranking in search engines. If you compare your competitor’s sites with your own, the site with the higher domain authority score the more likely it will be to rank higher in SERPS.

Why did Moz Update the Domain Authority Metric?

The new update came at a time when the Moz Domain Authority metric was under intense debate over its inability to filter out a some blackhat methods.

The new Domain Authority metric is based on Moz’s improved machine-learning model. It now takes into consideration a number of new factors in determining the DA score of websites. The new update also boasts of it’s strongest correlations with SERPs and its ability to handle link manipulation.

History of Domain Authority

Moz went on to develop their own alternative metric to Google PageRank which has dropped future updates, this successor is commonly known as MozRank. Later when MozTrust was developed, these two SEO factors went on to become the backbone for Domain Authority.

Over the last few years, Moz failed to update the algorithm that measures Domain Authority Score. This coupled with the new Google Algorithm Update made Domain Authority less accurate, prompting a few users to change their preference to Domain Rating, which is a metric followed by AHREFs.

Now, with the new Domain Authority up and running, Moz wants to reiterate its position once again as a leader in providing the most accurate data.

Impact of moz domain authority 2.0

So how does Domain Authority 2.0 fundamentally changes the way it trains its data for more effective results?

Expanded link index: With 35 trillion links, it’s probably the largest fresh links index on the web.

Spam score:Spam score and link quality patterns now give you a much more accurate idea of your site’s overall authority.

Domain Authority 2.0 has more up to date link data and better ways to evaluate that link data, all in an effort to give you a more accurate and reliable DA score.

Since the official release of Domain Authority 2.0 has your site taken a hit or a significant growth? If you haven’t already checked then click here for a free DA score checker.